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Mercury - Document Management System

Mercury Organisations need to exchange documents for the purposes of sign-off and approval with internal employees. The document management system conducts the workflow notifying each user that they need to approve the document and tracking the document through to completion.

Most current document management systems use a simple approve button to indicate approval – however this provides little proof later that a particular user indeed signed-off on a document. The document approval should instead by given using digital signatures which add trust, integrity, assurance, traceability, audit and ensure legal compliance.

Once the document is approved by all levels, it can be generated as a PDF for storage. The generated PDF document has all the approval history. Mercury offers a full blown approval system that allows for an effective document life cycle environment.

  • Robust and user friendly application
  • Hierarchical / multilevel approval
  • Dynamic approval template
  • Clarification / rejection option during approval process
  • Multiple attachments for one shot approval
  • Approval history for knowing the status of the document at each level
  • eMail and SMS to notify that the created document requires approval
  • Outlook kind of work list
  • Helps in reducing the approval process time when compared to manual process
  • Converted approval process to PDF with attachment
  • Real time reports to meet client requirements

 Mercury Flyer

 Mercury Flash Demo