SAP - Database & Technology
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SAP - Database & Technology

A Modern Approach to Data Management
Smart enterprises and companies place remarkable value on the data that drives their business.

Cherrytec brings the right technologies at your doorstep to ensure that vast amounts of data can turn into the insight that drives new business value, competitive advantage, and innovation.

The SAP® Real-Time Data Platform is a unified framework capable of managing all forms of data used for both transactional and analytical purposes with unprecedented speed and efficiency. It offers a fundamentally new approach to data management that will help you transform the way you run your business.

With unprecedented speed to business content, SAP helps you to quickly understand your business and markets. Also, by enabling non-disruptive migrations, it helps to reduce fragmentation, decrease development times, and lower TCO.

The SAP Real-Time Data Platform enables you to:

  • Manage information used across a wide spectrum of applications, business intelligence (BI), and mobile applications
  • Smoothly leverage all relevant information, both within your organization and from external sources
  • Support the vast variety of data types in your organization, including structured data, semi-structured data, and unstructured content – turning information into a strategic asset
  • Ensure complete, accurate, and consistent information for efficient business processes and effective decision making
  • Rapidly process and analyze data at any speed to deliver actionable information

The SAP Real-Time Data Platform offers innovations in a number of key areas: data management, design and modeling, information management, and landscape management.

The SAP Real-Time Data Platform includes in-memory, transactional, analytical, and mobile data management solutions that can be deployed independently or together to solve a broad range of business and technical requirements.

Real-Time Operational Insight: In-memory Database

The SAP HANA© database is an in-memory database at the core of the SAP Real-Time Data Platform that enables you to analyze operational, analytical, and text data in real time. This is a fundamentally new approach to data processing that enables you to supercharge core business processes or custom applications with deep business insight delivered with near-zero latency.

Transactional Data Processing:

Online transactional processing (OLTP) systems play a vital role in managing the data that supports day-to-day business operations. With the SAP Real-Time Data Platform, all your applications – and all the associated data that drives them – are unified within a common framework. This means that you can now manage and move data throughout the enterprise, including remote offices and mobile users, regardless of source or processing technology.

Transactional data management solutions from SAP give you more options for meeting varying price and performance requirements:
  • SAP Sybase® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE) - to process millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-size databases, while supporting rapid growth rates in data and transaction volume.
  • SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere® - to design and deploy custom database-powered applications that automatically synchronize business data to remote offices and mobile devices.

Powerful Analytical Data Processing

The SAP Real-Time Data Platform helps you unlock the power of data, whether structured or unstructured, SAP or non-SAP, and in massive or minute volumes. Enhanced and optimized data storage and processing options provide you with the flexibility to tailor solutions for the right performance at the right cost. The following solutions from SAP provide a range of entry points for high-performance analytics:
  • SAP Sybase IQ - to analyze vast quantities of data faster than a traditional relational database. Its open column-based architecture helps improve decision making with accelerated reporting and advanced analytics.
    As such, many organizations use SAP Sybase IQ in conjunction with SAP HANA for near-line storage.
  • SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (SAP Sybase ESP) - to process and analyze high volumes of streaming events in real time using a high-performance, complex event processing engine – to alert business users so they can respond quickly to critical business events.

Common Design and Modeling Environment

The SAP Real-Time Data Platform can help you eliminate information silos with a powerful modeling tool for data, information, and enterprise architectures.
  • SAP Sybase PowerDesigner® - to design a pictorial representation of complex environments, helping to simplify communication between business users and IT as they manage the relationships between business processes, data, metadata, and data stores.

Information Management and Data Movement

Businesses today require seamless, secure delivery of information across the organization, often across globally distributed data centers. The SAP Real-Time Data Platform provides a rich offering of information management solutions that can help you understand, monitor, and improve the quality of data used across the enterprise. The following technologies support real-time data movement to help your organization maintain a complete and accurate view of information across the enterprise at all times:
  • SAP Sybase Replication Server® - real-time database replication to support high availability and disaster recovery, data sharing across globally distributed systems, and real-time loading of operational and transactional data into analytic databases, data marts, and data warehouses.
  • SAP Landscape Transformation software - supports trigger-based replication into SAP HANA from both SAP and non-SAP sources, including event analysis using optimized interfaces from SAP applications.
  • SAP Data Services - helps organizations consolidate, cleanse, and deduplicate data from a variety of data sources, performed either before or after extraction, transformation, and loading into a database, data warehouse, or data mart. SAP Data Services helps improve data quality by parsing, standardizing, cleansing, matching, and de-duplicating data anywhere in the enterprise. You can also use it to enrich data with geospatial and reference information.
  • SAP Information Steward - empowers your business users to use dashboards to measure and monitor data quality, and they can drill down to understand the lineage and impact of data across systems.

Uniform Experience for Data Architects

The SAP Real-Time Data Platform supports a single view of enterprise data assets. Consistent interfaces can help data architects dramatically simplify your data management landscape and reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with integrating and sharing data securely and reliably.
  • The SAP HANA studio - includes an information modeling tool that enables you to design different types of models, including attribute views, analytic views, and calculation views for SAP HANA. You can also use the studio to administer the SAP HANA platform.
  • SAP Data Services Workbench & Designer - you to model the movement of data and metadata in bulk loads from any data source into SAP HANA or SAP Sybase IQ. The designer tool enables you to model data workflows, including the connections between data sources, data quality transformations (such as validate, merge, and deduplicate). It also allows you to model text-data processing transformations (such as entity extraction from text data).
  • The SAP Business Objects™ BI solutions information designer - enables you to extract, define, and manipulate metadata from relational and online analytical processing (OLAP) sources to create and deploy SAP Business Objects BI universes. In this way, you can provide a business representation of your transactional database or data warehouse, making it easier for business users to interact with data without having to know where it is stored.

Simplified Administrative Experience

Standardized and shared administrative tools across the SAP Real-Time Data Platform (see figure) minimize the learning curve for IT staff in managing new components, resulting in higher efficiency. Flexible deployment options make it easier for IT staff to meet service-level goals for availability, scalability, and data delivery that may vary by business department or group.

  • SAP Control Center console
  • SAP Solution Manager application management solution
  • SAP software database administration cockpit