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Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Cherrytec specializes in developing scalable software applications, business software and automation software. We primarily develop applications which automate everyday workflow of a company or organization and makes life easier.

Cherrytec’s custom application development services enable you to create, deliver and drive business value from investments in custom software solutions. Our consultants leverage domain and technical expertise to deliver insights that enhance business outcomes for our clients. Our architects and developers use process-driven approaches, methodologies, development accelerators and test frameworks to ensure quality, scalable and efficient solutions.

Enterprise Application Development

Organizations looking to build highly scalable, secure and service oriented applications can leverage Cherrytec to address their unique business challenges cost-effectively. Our enterprise application development Services can address these unique challenges and offer:
  • Tiered Application Development
  • Service Oriented Design and Development
  • Application development using highly scalable patterns
  • EAI and ERP Integration

Web Application Development

Our web application development services leverage the latest in software architecture and technology paradigms to design, develop and deploy scalable and secure web applications. Our web application development services provide you with:
  • Easy to use and well-designed web applications that meet your specific business needs
  • Application architecture that is highly scalable and built using established frameworks, tools, and time-tested processes
  • Easy to maintain solution that reduces the total cost of ownership

Application Migration

Breathe new life in your legacy applications with our application migration services. Our migration experts use a proven migration approach, along with time tested processes, migration automation tools and frameworks, to minimize re-engineering. We can help you re-engineer your applications to address changing business, compliance and technology imperatives. Our modernization re-engineering offerings include:
  • User Interface Modernization
  • Platform Modernization
  • Architecture Modernization
  • Functional & Workflow Modernization
  • Application Performance Optimization
  • Application Security Hardening

Application Integration

Cherrytec’s Application Integration services can help you automate businesses processes and workflows distributed across disparate business organizations, departments and applications. We offer services for integrating enterprise applications, business-to-business systems, business processes, legacy and third party systems. Our application integration services can help in:
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Business to Business Integration
  • Business Process Integration
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Data Integration and Synchronization
  • Package Application Adapters

Application Testing Services

Our application testing services can help significantly reduce application defects, improve quality assurance efficiency, and reduce development costs and QA cycle times. We leverage robust testing processes, specialized tools, and QA management expertise. Additionally we can help building dedicated testing labs for clients looking to ensure reliability, availability and stability across application portfolios. Our custom application testing services include:
  • Enterprise Application Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Application Integration Testing
  • Application Regression Testing
  • Application Test Automation
  • Application Configuration Testing

Cherrytec’s application testers work with development teams and acquire functional and domain knowledge quickly to ensure that all aspects of your application are tested thoroughly.