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Cygnus - Cylinder Tracking System

Cygnus - Cylinder Tracking System manages all the movements of the cylinders within and outside of an organization. It helps to track the current location of cylinders based on the cylinder movement from stock to Dispatch to customers. Cylinders from stock pass through various stages like Cylinder Validation, Filling, Verification, Dispatch and returns to stock. Also it will keep track Cylinder licensing. Data information is captured at all the stages of the cylinder movement.

  • Empty cylinder released for filling
  • Empty cylinder released for licensing
  • Filled cylinder released to customer based on delivery challan
  • Receiving empty cylinder from customer
  • Record & Track the cylinder location and count
  • Verification to ensure dispatch of correct cylinder to customers at security
  • Alerts for due cylinders before filling
  • Generate list of cylinders due for licensing
  • Accept / Reject cylinders after cylinder licensing
  • Executive dashboard available
  • Avoids manual tracking
  • Cylinder license expire alert
  • Generate various types of reports for analysis and tracking

 Cygnus Flyer

 Cygnus Flash Demo